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Original Sweat Slim Belt ™ | Buy Sweat Slim Belt


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The Sweat Slim Belt is the most proven way to eliminate the fat and help you achieve a sculpted and toned body. Designed using the Prenotec technology that escalates the primary temperature assisting your body sweat and burn off extra fat, the Sweat Slim Belt can be worn all day long, all the time and whilst doing your day to day activities as it was created to fit the body faultlessly.

The Sweat Slim Belt escalates the core temperature around your midsection or belly throughout your daily activities, like at home, exercise, walk, run, or any exercise. It requires to be wrapped around your belly. It begins increasing the sweat creation to melt off pounds / fats by conserving body warmth. It also generates water weight reduction during activities performed. It maintains versatility giving an appropriate fit. They are designed for everyday wear.

All you need to do is use it, and the neoprene fabric of the belt helps the body to release body fat and sweat more. The materials warranties you will remain dried out and you will see no sweat publicity. Appropriate for men and women, this clinically designed slimming belt also really helps to right your position and strengthens the low back again. For best results wear the belt every full day, when not exercising even. You can use it under your clothes as it is undetectable and you may move openly and start doing all your daily work.

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Slim belt has a medical design and compression that can help you achieve flatten the stomach, strong tummy and love handles resulting in a far more molded physique and visually cut weight. It is ideal for exercise, to be utilized daily, or for just about any physical activity. Its unique fiber and materials produce higher compression in the abdomen and waistline leading to more sweating.

Benefits of Using Sweat Slim Belt

  1. Supports the low back
  2. Lose weight
  3. Reduce body fat from waist, hips and thighs
  4. Improves Physique Appearance
  5. Could be used while carrying out work at residence or in office
  6. Tones the physical body
  7. Maximize workout routine and result
  8. Better Posture
  9. Reduce lower back pain
  10. Versatile fabric that moulds and moves with your body
  11. Created from Neoprene Fabric
  12. Stretchable – meets shape accordingly
  13. Unisex
  14. Easy to Wash
  15. Seamless – without zippers

It is strongly recommended to clean Sweat Slim Belt after each use, after exercising especially.

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How to Use Sweat Slim Belt?

How to Use Sweat Slim Belt

Using Sweat slim belt is very easy. You don’t necessarily be exercising to wear this slimming belt, wear it even while performing your daily home chores. Wear it whilst you are not working out and sweat out the harmful fats.


How to Wash Sweat Slim Belt?

  1. Hand clean in cool water with moderate detergent
  2. Squeeze and suspend dry
  3. Ensure to not tumble dried out or wring|Usually do not tumble wring or dried out}
  4. Ensure not to bleach
  5. Be certain that you do not iron Sweat Slim Belt
  6. Please Do not dry clean

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